Sunday, May 12, 2013


Archer wants a clown for his birthday, but his Mom says, "NO WAY!"  Because she thinks clowns are scary.  Can Archer convince her that clowns are just ordinary people beneath their rainbow wigs, funny makeup, and baggy clothes.

Many adults and children around the world suffer from Coulrophobia or "Clown-phobia."  Clown-phobia is common and some even consider it to be one of the top common phobias.  An Internet search on the subject will yield countless opinions as to why people may have a fear of clowns including exaggerated features, funny makeup, unusual or loud environments associated with them like a circus or a parade.

Symptoms of Coulrophobia may include a "need-to-run" feeling, shortness of breath, trembling, panic, and anxiety.  Persons who may fear clowns should see proper care.  This book is not meant to be used or considered an authority on any kind of phobia.

The storyline of A Birthday Clown For Archer is simple and easy for children to understand.  It is the author's hope the book will spark conversations among adults and children about the fears and joys surrounding